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Live Wire Empire, Inc

A Full Service Global Entertainment Company. We specialize in all aspects of Music: A&R, Artist Development, Production, Recording, Engineering, Publishing, Marketing, Branding, Touring & Event Planning.

Who We Are

We started out in Charlotte, NC in 2001 as a recording label. As the music industry changed dramatically over the next decade we evolved as well into a complete entertainment company which now resides in Atlanta, GA and has continued to be in business for over 20 years.

What We Do

Live Wire Empire since its founding in 2001, has grown into a premier entertainment company. We work in every aspect of modern entertainment, with recording artists, producers and djs. We are a full-service organization that handles artist management, music publishing, touring, production, strategic brand development and beyond.


Live Wire uses it's expertise in Entertainment to be creative in Branding & Marketing. Live Wire is able to bring innovative strategies to any Company, Product or Artist.

Recording & Production

Live Wire houses a facility that embodies classic styles as well cutting edge production to give our roster a unique sound.

Touring & Event Planning

Live Wire has produced shows all across the globe. Partnering up with Kagan Entertainment here in Atlanta, we are able to plan events for any occasion.

Development & Management

Live Wire helps Develop & Manage Artists, Producers & DJs in their initial stages to then progress onto their own.

Our Brands

Branding Legacies

Social Responsibility

Live Wire Empire maintains an unwavering commitment to our environmental responsibility across its brand portfolio, working to advance social awareness locally, nationally and globally. F.O.F (For Our Future) is a non-profit company supported & affiliated with Live Wire Empire in the fight against Climate Change & Pollution.

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