Live Wire Empire

The world is a stage, and whether you know it or not, you're an artist performing...

Our Clients

Live Wire Empire, Inc

A Full Service Global Entertainment Company. We work in all aspects of Music & Entertainment: Recording, Production, Management, Publishing, Distribution, Branding & Event Planning.

Who We Are

We started out in Charlotte, NC in 2001 as a Recording Label. As the music industry & business changed dramatically over the next two decades we evolved as well into a more complete & unique entertainment company which now resides in Atlanta, GA and has continued to be in business for over 20 years.

What We Do

Live Wire Empire has worked in many aspects of Entertainment throughout its 20 plus years. We believe anything good needs to be developed and cared for. In todays every changing industry we keep our finger on the pulse of those changes & movements through our extensive networks all across the globe to provide our roster and clients with the best opportunity for success and growth.

Branding & Consulting

Live Wire uses it's expertise in Entertainment to be creative in Branding & Consulting. Live Wire is able to bring innovative proven strategies to any Company, Product or Artist.

Recording & Management

Live Wire helps Develop & Manage Artists, Producers & DJs through decades of experience and networks. We build at a grass roots level that will last & allow artists to maintain a long successful career.

Events & Production

Live Wire has produced shows all across the globe. Partnering up with Kagan Entertainment here in Atlanta, we are able to produce events for any occasion.


We are committed to helping our fellow human beings in this globally connected world. We bring attention to critical issues, work to make an impact & positive change for all humanity.

Our Brands

Branding Legacies


Live Wire Empire maintains an unwavering commitment to our environmental & our humanitarian responsibility. We work constantly to advance social awareness locally, nationally and globally. F.O.F (For Our Future Planet) is a non-profit company supported & affiliated with Live Wire Empire in the fight against Plastics, Water Pollution & Preservation and Climate Change.