Grammy’s & Halftime Show

I always love the month of February & not because of Valentine’s day, lol. But because my true love is the Grammy’s & Super Bowl Halftime Show. Two great events I’ve watched since I was a kid with my mom & dad. Every year I glue myself to the TV and turn off all communications to digest it all. Then the following day re-watch it to go over it a 2nd time, see if I missed anything & start really critiquing it.

This years Grammy’s & Halftime show for me, was good & bad…for both. The highlight for me at the Grammy’s was the the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop showcase & as for the Super bowl, it was the production of it all. Both things that we focus on here at Live Wire. It all starts with the music of course, but at this year’s grammy’s no one artist stood out or had such a grand slam song/album that made the night. In fact, it was the collective artists & groups that stood out during the 50th anniversary Hip-Hop tribute performance. I grew up on Hip-Hop and to see all the artists from the beginning come together was really exciting. Not that I’m biased, lol, but the old-schooler’s showed the young cats out now how to do it & the art form that it is. Cheers to all those artists, it was a pleasure watching them & brought back some great memories…I definitely jumped on the decks to spin those songs after the show!

As for the Super Bowl Halftime Show…the production Rihanna used was pretty wild!!! Being suspended in air like that on those platforms was a sight to see! It shows you that music & production go hand in hand. Just how we do it here at Live Wire. I’m more of a performance type critique when it comes to the Super Bowl though, and this one wasn’t my favorite. Not bad, but not great either. My top 5 Super Bowl Halftime shows are Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake & Dr. Dre. I know that’s 6, but I got a tie for 5th…Know what my #1 is??? Keep checking in & thanks for stoping by! Have a great week!