Recording & Management

Since 2001 we have developed & worked with some of the most influential & talented artists from around the world.  Our artists have charted on Billboard and FM Stations across the world. Our artists have gotten music video placement with major media groups such as MTV & Revolt. In addition our songs have been featured in multiple TV Commercials & Movies.
As a label, we have worked with all types of artists such as DJs, Producers & Vocalists for over 20 years.  We keep a small roster so we can manage & work with them on a 1 on 1 basis without them feeling like just a number.
We use our trusted professional team & network that we have built over 20 years to be able to break careers or start them in Recording, Distribution, Publishing, Touring, Merchandise & Promotion.
Our artists success is our success. We focus & strive to give them the foundation they need to succeed in the entertainment & music industry. If you are interested in submitting any work, all demos can be emailed to