Our History

Live Wire started out promoting nightclubs in Charlotte, NC in 2000. These events hosted some of the most talented DJs, Producers & Artists from all over the world. Bringing all this talent in and hosting them, we got to speak with them directly and learn what they liked & didn’t like about the direction of their careers. What was provided for them and what was lacking. We felt we could provide a better grassroots experience and after years of promoting events we decided to transform into a full time independent recording label in 2003. Our breakout group, 3 Bad Brothaz, landed us our first national #1 top 40 radio hit on Q100 in Atlanta, GA in 2006 as well as the best selling indie group at Tower Records. It was right after this great moment when file sharing changed the music industry as well as us.

Adjusting to the change, and starting out as DJs, we capitalized on the sudden popularity of DJing. We used our platform to begin booking DJs at venues & events which then blossomed and allowed us to help grow each DJs career through Recording, Branding & Management.

While performing in major venues & events we began partnering with several top companies, becoming more hands on with the events and eventually investing in our own events & production. Along the way we made Atlanta our home location and we became a corporation that allowed Live Wire to grow through different channels within the entertainment industry.

All this allowed us to become the complete entertainment company. We are one of the select few American entertainment companies to perform & do business in South Korea. We have had our music travel all throughout Europe & Canada radio stations and have had the ability to perform & produce events for America’s biggest sporting events such as the NCAA Final Four, Chick-Fil-A Bowl Game, NBA halftime shows & the Superbowl. In addition, our catalogs have been used by TNT, NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBA & Hollywood movies.

No industry has ever been tested & tried like the Music & Entertainment Industry. It has taught Live Wire how to adapt constantly, work hard consistently, be ethical in every encounter, the value of a dollar and the understanding that without good people around you, nothing is possible. It is that which has made Live Wire one of the great companies in business today.

“The world is a stage and we are all artists performing” – Aaron Payes, Owner & Founder