The Live Wire Show

The Live Wire Show - Rebrand Font

A uniquely built showcase started by an underground DJ group in 2003 that has transformed over the course of 20 years into a full scale touring show suitable for all audiences whether they are corporate parties, mitzvahs or large weddings.  No matter if you are older or younger, CEO or mail room clerk, you will be on that dance floor!

Our performers are established professionals who have toured or worked with companies such as EDC, Insomniac, NFL, NBA, WNBA and venues all across the world!

Our show production is second to none, with our state of the art lighting & visual showcase.  Our staff has professional production backgrounds in movie sets, festivals, touring artists & fortune 500 corporate functions.

But most importantly, our show is meant to entertain and make you escape for that moment of time. It is what we pride ourselves on.  Our events are special to us we want you to experience that one of a kind specialness.