DJ Drive

  • Genres
    Top 40 · Turntabilist

DJ Drive comes out of Warner Robins, GA, but don’t be fooled, his scratching ability matches any top DJs ability. Known for his ability to “scratch like a dawg” he was asked to do the weekend mix-show on 97.9WIBB due to his enormous loyal following in his hometown.

DJ Drive’s ability to mix 80′s & 90′s, along with his turntabilism is what sets DJ Drive apart from all other DJs.  Coming from a smaller town he had to learn how to make all types of audiences under one roof happy and keep the party going.  The way DJ Drive was able to spin every decade so well turned his weekly residency into a 3 town hot spot that had lines of all ages and backgrounds wrapped around the building just to hear him play!  ”I used to listen to DJ AM all the time and be amazed at what he would do with scratching & mixing all kinds of music together.  I wanted to be that type of DJ, so I bought myself 2 turntables and locked myself in a room and didn’t come out until I could scratch & mix”

In 2011, DJ Kidd Star met him while on tour and after hearing DJ Drive spin just once, he decided to bring DJ Drive up to Atlanta and quickly started doing 4 turntable showcases that has wowed audiences all over the Dirty South!

Now starting to remix under the tutelage of Kidd Star, DJ Drive is the DJ/Remixer to watch out for!