What We Do…

Recording & Production

The foundation & building blocks of every artist is their music. That’s where career’s start or end. In our studios we use recording techniques & experienced producers to bring out your unique sound and make it into a product that is competitive with the top selling artists.

Development & Management

Finding those special Artists & DJs is the greatest moment. Helping them grow & succeed, is the greatest feeling. We’ve lived through era’s and all aspects of music, good and bad. We know the mistakes Artists & DJs make and the pitfalls to avoid. Through our network and platforms we are able to guide these Artists & DJs to a successful career!

Touring & Event Planning

Touring & Event planning are the essential stage of getting your music, product or idea to the masses. We help create, build, organize & promote your Tour and/or Event. Whether your an Artist or Company, we can help make your event unique and one that your audience will never forget.


Without your Brand, you won’t succeed. Your Brand is you and/or your product. This stage is the most important stage, we help create and develop your brand so your talent, product, ideas can take off and reach all the corners of the world!

Creating Legacies

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