What We Do…

Create Opportunities, Moments & Change.

We deliver a perfect balance between Entertainment & Business. We are small enough to care about you, but big enough to compete with anybody. We specialize within 4 essential components of Entertainment.

Recording & Publishing

We use recording techniques & proven experienced producers to bring out, develop & deliver to our artists a unique sound. We produce a product that is competitive with the top selling artists around the globe.

Events & Production

Wether it’s a Festival, Nightclub, Corporate or Social Event we create, build, & organize your event with entertainment, audio & visual, lighting & staging.


Company, Artist or Movement, we help you establish your brand within the digital and local community, along with giving our clients a regional, national & global reach.


We are committed to the Planet & Humanitarianism. Working to advance social good and impact locally, nationally & globally. For Our Future.

Creating Legacies